The Importance of Friendship for Starting and Growing Your Business

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I am not talking about nepotism here (but let’s be honest, most people start out getting a job though someone they know). I am talking about friendship and how it can help build you up and help you create your business, and sometimes in unexpected ways. 

Connections with other people are underrated

I am thankful for my friends who have been so supportive of me throughout the years — helping me through the rough patches, and the really rough patches, and celebrating with me, and then celebrating just because we can. I’ve also had the good luck to make some unexpected and throughly delightful recent friendships. For these I also feel so grateful. These friendships have given me a great deal of confidence, to forge my own path, and this has been liberating too.

Why friendships are like orgasms 

I talk about orgasms because I think its a part of our wellbeing, and I think friendship is just as important to talk about — but another aspect that is little discussed in the workplace or as part of the entrepreneurial (such a long word with so much meaning attached!) journey. So perhaps friendship isn’t quite like an orgasm but it is as good for the brain!

Ask your friends lots and lots of questions

Having friends that make you laugh and that you can ask questions is really important when you are starting or growing a business. You name it, I’ve asked it! Over the last six months, I have asked my friends questions regarding finance, commissions, strategy, systems, feelings… I even almost starting to ask them how often they went to the toilet, which then lead to another question about fibre intake! (Another friend thought this may be a bit too much but I am still interested — my question is, does a stool once a day make you happier? From having children, and how grumpy they are before they go, I suspect so!) The wonderful thing is, all of these people are still my friends! They haven’t judged me for seeking out knowledge and working hard to make sure that what Common Exception is offering is up there with the best in the market.

Even today I keep asking them questions. Questions about their businesses, what they are doing now, what they like about other brands, what they don’t like and why. I’m interested in all of this because it helps me grow. It helps me think about every aspect from a different perspective.

Be open to new friendships

You may feel like you have enough friends, or you don’t have time for new friends, but this isn’t true. As humans, we have a great capacity for love, and the happier we are, the more love and time we have to give. When we are feeling down, we feel like we don’t have the capacity. I feel at this point it is more about giving yourself some love first, and also being open to nice things happening in your life. And a really nice thing happening is a new friendship, a new connection and the joy that comes with it. For me, my new friendships spurred me on and gave me that little bit of extra confidence I needed to officially launch my business, and also made me laugh a lot while I did it!

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