The Biggest Thing Holding You Back? It’s Neither Money Nor Talent

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It’s fear. It’s fear of the unknown. Fear of what other people think. Fear that if you succeed you won’t be worthy. That you don’t measure up. 

One of the biggest issues for starting or growing a brand, can be with the founder’s mindset — and their feelings of shame and anxiety about putting their work and themselves out there. Into the unknown.

We self sabotage our own life by not thinking good things are possible for us, making sure that we aren’t seeing or creating opportunities open to us. It’s easier as well. If you’ve already decided it’s not possible, you don’t need to put yourself out there. You don’t need to even try. But then you have to deal with the regret. The ‘what if?’ What would have happened if I had tried?

Live a life of opportunity

The most important thing in your life is to make sure you don’t live a life of regret. It’s a complete waste of time and your talent. Who wants to be at the end of their life wondering if their idea could have been successful?

Work out what you really want 

To work out what you’re afraid of, you need to work out what you really want. Ask yourself what it is you want most from your life? If you could do anything, what would you do? What’s your secret desire you possibly haven’t told anyone about?

Once you know this, it will all start to fall into place.

Be open to good things happening

Don’t self censor and define what’s possible or impossible for you before it’s even happened. Be open to good things happening to you — and having faith that other people, rather than wanting to keep you down, want good things to happen for you too. I know this can sound a bit hippy but by simply seeing the world more kindly, you can be kinder on yourself as well.

Be thankful for where you are now

Fear is designed to keep you safe, but sometime it’s holding us back from achieving what we really want — from feeling joy and belonging (which is what you want with a business!). Don’t push through the fear, just try to turn it around to focus on feeling thankful. Thankful for where you are now, who you are, your journey and grow from there. 

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