Founded in London, Common Exception is driven by ideas and focused on building long lasting relationships with clients who grow with us. We specialise in working with emerging brands, helping them to build scalable businesses founded on mindset and strategy.

We believe the real soul of the brand is the person behind the brand. If the founder feels unsure or lacks confidence in themselves and their vision the brand is unlikely to thrive. Energy will be lacking and bad decisions will be made. Before we start developing the brand we work with our clients’ mindset, providing the space and clarity for them to define and work towards their own version of success.

We also believe strategy is key to success. Crafting a strong brand foundation creates space for you to see existing and future opportunities. We work with you to identify your brand identity, ideal customers and how to differentiate and position your brand in the competitive market.

Our Values

We pride ourself on our integrity and our client relationships.
We believe in your mindset first. The rest will follow.

Being inclusive

We work with anyone who has passion and commitment. We believe that greater diversity in the business world will create a more sustainable and interesting future.

Being courageous

No one will achieve your ambitions except for you. We believe in being vulnerable and ourselves is the best way. We nurture our courage each day by being vulnerable, letting go of the negative and embracing the possible.

Being curious

Learning never stops and no-one has it all figured out. We believe in being inquisitive and taking time to deepen and share our knowledge.

About the founder

Hi! I'm Louisa

I believe your mindset is the foundation of your brand — and needs to be nurtured to provide energy for you to grow your brand.

I will work with you to transform your idea into reality, making sure you are in the right mindset and feel confident, looking at the big picture and the way to get there.

First we work together to address your barriers and find your motivators. Then we look at your business, crafting a strong brand foundation and space for you to see existing and future opportunities.

The art of strategy

Whether it’s a vision for a product or a service, or where you want to take your brand, we show you how a strategic approach allows for the innovation required for you to achieve your ambitions and build your brand with confidence.

Who am I?

I am a strategist. I’m a big picture thinker with an eye for detail. Originally from Australia I moved to London in 2007. With degrees in English, Politics and Urban planning and a career that has spanned publishing, event management, marketing, project management and strategy, I’m a creative thinker driven by ideas and focused on objectives.

I’ve spent over a decade researching and talking to thousands of people about what they want, what they are scared of and identifying what is important to them.

I am honest, thoughtful and care deeply about my clients wellbeing and their goals, and helping them find the confidence they need to live a fulfilled life.

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